admission to bahrain national museum

Bahrain National Museum – A Must Visit Place in Bahrain

I have a lot of interest in museums particularly when I am visiting a new country. This gives me insight about the culture, history and development of the region throughout the ages. However my wife is not that much interested in museums, in fact not interested at all, but still she accompany’s me on my every excursion. I really have a good wife :).

Bahrain is linked with Saudi Arabia by King Fahd Causeway. The distance between two countries is barely 25 km.  The people living in Eastern province of Saudi Arabia often go to Bahrain on weekends for recreational purposes. Saudi Arabia is one of those countries where you need a separate visa to leave the country :). So when I got multiple exit/re-entry visa for Saudi Arabia, I planned to spend a complete day in Bahrain with main aim of visiting National Museum of Bahrain and of course my family was accompanying me.

We reached left for Bahrain at noon. After wandering around in Bahrain, we headed towards museum late after-noon. A number of visitors were already there but plenty of parking was still available. Entry ticket was not much. I can’ remember exactly but perhaps 2~3 Bahrain Dinars. Saudi currency is acceptable in whole Bahrain so I gave them equivalent Saudi Riyals.

Entrance to Bahrain National Museum.


It has six different halls starting from traditional handicrafts hall, customs and traditions hall, burial mounds hall, ancient documents and manuscripts hall, Tylos hall, and Islamic period hall.

After visiting all halls, I noticed that traditional handicrafts  of Bahrain were pretty much similar to that of my country Pakistan.


A bride in traditional dress.


Depiction of an old Bahraini home. Similar to villages in Pakistan.


First days after newborn.


Women are really good at gossips.


New born ceremonies.


I liked this painting detailing ancient Bahrain.


Ancient burial  mounds.


A burial from prehistoric Dilmun civilisation.


Pearl hunting was the prime industry in historic Bahrain.


I can’t read whats written on this artifact. Can you? Did you notice an engraved figure resembling ancient Egyptian civilization? 


Being an island, fishing was another major trade in Bahrain.


Finally we came out of the building. It was so humid outside that the lens of my camera immediately became foggy. I waited for half a minute but lens was not clearing up. Eventually, I clicked with foggy lens and result was below pic of museum’s outside arena.


Besides Bahrain National Museum, there was National Theater of Bahrain. I was tired now, so I decided to stopover this place later. This place definitely seems worth a visit. 

national msm

During our way back to Saudi Arabia, I made a wrong turn and ended up in a private area. A security guard guided us to take our road. However I was able to below snap of partial Bahrain skyline.


Finally, we reached home at midnight. The story of another well spent day finished.

Location & Coordinates

Coordinates of Bahrain National Museum: 26.2412591,50.5961323

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