Mersal Village in Jeddah – Largest Theme Park in Kingdom

My quest for family entertainment activity led me to so-called largest theme park in kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Jungle Land in Mersal Village Northeast of Jeddah. After some web search, I found out the location of this theme park was a bit odd at outskirts of main city. Thanks to Nokia free navigation app, we reached there without much hassle.

Entrance to Jungle Land.


The setting and environment of the amusement park was matching with the theme.


It could be a good place for photography lovers.


There was also a roller coaster but it was down for maintenance. However setting sun gave me a good opportunity for a good snap.


Some water rides.


and there was small ghost house as well. I didn’t go inside as it seemed to me pretty childish.


American cow boys?  Definitely not a Saudi style. It was a shooting game though.


In addition small tuck shops, there was a restaurant with nice indoor and outdoor dining.


A gift shop with traditional Saudi architecture.


It had a number of rides for all ages, kids to adults including women. Some might be surprised that why I specifically mentioned women? Because it’s one of the things women are not allowed (or not appreciated at least) in Saudi Arabia after driving which is legally ban in the kingdom.


Finally our way back to home.


Location & Coordinates

Coordinates of Jungle Land: 21.69717, 39.23372

6 thoughts on “Mersal Village in Jeddah – Largest Theme Park in Kingdom”

  1. This was very famous whenI was in high school, I thought it has stopped its operation because Al Shalal and Happy Land were pretty much closer. I’d love to go there, but it’s just really far. 🙂

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