clouds from plane

A Fascinating Plane Flight

Plane flights are boring – most of the times. Unlike journey on ground via a train or a vehicle, the outside view from a plane’s window remains same i.e. hazy, monotonous, dark etc. No interesting scenery at all. All one can do is to use some in-flight gadgets but again, without internet connection, one can’t do much.

I often travel between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and like others I use various tricks to keep myself occupied. However it was only one time when the plane’s outside view was so fascinating that it kept me engaged for the whole flight. It was just a 4 hrs flight but with lot of variations in plane surroundings. Just have a look below.

Initially, it was a pretty normal outside plan view.


Then it started turning in cloud formations. Can you notice natural diffusion of colors?


At times, we were flying above clouds or flying through them.


As we were entering into Pakistani space, it cleared up and I could easily see the ground.


And Changing terrain.


And different shades during sun set.


It was first time for me that I experienced such diverse environment in a single short flight. It was really remarkable.

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