Jet Skiing Full Throttle

A Stupid Idea

It was a bright sunny weekend of so-called winter season in United Arab Emirates, when I asked my friends : Let’s experience something different today. It was mid of Jan. 2010 and we were having lunch together in a restaurant In Ajman state of UAE. After joking with each other and discussing some stupid ideas, we agreed to even stupider idea; to go for jet skiing. You might be surprised that why it was a foolish idea but you would agree with me by knowing that, at that time, none of us knew swimming. Continue reading Jet Skiing Full Throttle

Time off to Bahrain

Last year, I moved to Al-Khobar city of Saudi Arabia. After settling down to my new location, I decided to explore the surroundings. To my luck, Bahrain was just 50 km away from Al-Khobar. One can easily go there on weekends and come back even on same day. Continue reading Time off to Bahrain

Spiritual Visit to Holy City of Makkah

Visiting Makkah and Madinah, the two most sacred places in Islam, are life time desires for every Muslim.

I feel myself really blessed that I got a chance to live for several years in close proximity of these two cities.

Few years back, I got a job offer from an engineering company based in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  The company was located in Jeddah; the second largest city of kingdom. The fact that Makkah was just at an hour drive (approx. 100 km)  from Jeddah and Continue reading Spiritual Visit to Holy City of Makkah