Al Shallal Theme Park – The Best Amusement Park in Jeddah

As I have already mentioned in my previous posts that most of the expats believe that Saudi Arabia is a very conservative Islamic country with negligible or no entertainment opportunities. Yes, it is partially true yet this country offers something for everyone. One just has to dig it out as information is not readily available. My web search for a family fun thing in Jeddah led me to Al Shallal Theme Park. I had been living in Jeddah for more than two years before knowing that this park is somewhere in Jeddah :). Continue reading Al Shallal Theme Park – The Best Amusement Park in Jeddah


Boating in Red Sea Obhur Creek – Saudi Arabia

Luckily, while living in Saudi Arabia, we have always found good neighours – most of them Pakistani, Egyptian or Jordanian. Even family terms were developed with some of them which is quite rare in Saudi Arabia (specially locals, they don’t mix with expats). One of our such neighbour was a Jordanian man with her Syrian wife living next to our apartment. We used to visit each other often. It was his wife’s birthday when he invited us all for a lunch and then to a boating trip in Obhur creek, North of Jeddah. Continue reading Boating

A Fascinating Plane Flight

Plane flights are boring – most of the times. Unlike journey on ground via a train or a vehicle, the outside view from a plane’s window remains same i.e. hazy, monotonous, dark etc. No interesting scenery at all. All one can do is to use some in-flight gadgets but again, without internet connection, one can’t do much. Continue reading A Fascinating Plane Flight

Bahrain National Museum – A Must Visit Place in Bahrain

I have a lot of interest in museums particularly when I am visiting a new country. This gives me insight about the culture, history and development of the region throughout the ages. However my wife is not that much interested in museums, in fact not interested at all, but still she accompany’s me on my every excursion. I really have a good wife :).

Bahrain is linked with Saudi Arabia by King Fahd Causeway. The distance between two countries is barely 25 km.  The people living in Eastern province of Saudi Arabia often go to Bahrain on weekends for recreational purposes. Continue reading Bahrain National Museum – A Must Visit Place in Bahrain

Rain in Jeddah! Beware

It rarely rains in Saudi Arabia. This is particularly true for Western Region of kingdom where rain is really sparse. However when it rains, specifically heavy rain even for an hour, the region switches to emergency mode. Yea, believe me. Continue reading Rain in Jeddah! Beware