Dune Bashing

Dune Bashing in Khobar – Saudi Arabia

Living in a country which is mostly covered with desert and not relishing a sand related sport can’t be justified. Dune Bashing is a popular recreational activity here in Saudi Arabia. There are designated areas at outskirts of cities where quad-bikes rentals are available. These areas also attract locals performing stunts in sand dunes on 4×4  SUVs or driving recklessly in sand. Continue reading Dune Bashing

Scitech – A Must Visit Place in Khobar

Scitech –  A Must Visit Place in Khobar

Browsing web for “things to do in XYZ city” are always the first steps for me after relocating to a new city or country. Same was the case when I moved to Al-Khobar last year.  Khobar is a vibrant city in Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia with a mix of multicultural people working in local or multinational companies.

While googling Khobar attractions, the name Scitech immediately caught my eye. Continue reading Scitech – A Must Visit Place in Khobar

Historical Places in Makkah – Part 2

Historical Places in Makkah – Part 2

Hajj is an annual obligatory Islamic pilgrimage that has to be performed by every Muslim (physically & financially capable) at least once in a life time. The days of hajj are fixed,  8th to 12th (or 13th as optional) of Dhul-hajj which is the last month of Islamic year. Each year, approximately two to three million Muslims come to Makkah during this short time period to perform hajj. This number could be much more but Saudi Arabia has a quota system for each country and it issues a definite number of Hajj visas to keep things at manageable level. Continue reading Historical Places in Makkah – Part 2