Boating in Red Sea Obhur Creek – Saudi Arabia

Luckily, while living in Saudi Arabia, we have always found good neighours – most of them Pakistani, Egyptian or Jordanian. Even family terms were developed with some of them which is quite rare in Saudi Arabia (specially locals, they don’t mix with expats). One of our such neighbour was a Jordanian man with her Syrian wife living next to our apartment. We used to visit each other often. It was his wife’s birthday when he invited us all for a lunch and then to a boating trip in Obhur creek, North of Jeddah. His wife was really good at baking and we had a delicious lunch at his home. Of course, we didn’t forget her birthday gift :). After that we headed towards Obhur beach where he had already made arrangements with Red Sea Marina (boat club) for a boating tour in Obhur creek.

Red Sea Marina dock.


Leaving coast.


Along the shores of Obhur creek, there are many private beaches available for rent. Sometimes a group of friends or families join together for a holiday. Though Saudi Arabia exercises strict Islamic rules with women in proper and full clothing at public places but here, at private  beaches, I was a bit surprised to see some women in shorts. It won’t be wrong to say that some areas are excluded from strict Saudi law. That includes barricaded housing compounds, some luxury resorts and such private beaches.

A private beach along the shore of Obhur creek.


A pirate ship? : )


We made a complete round of the creek. The scenery along the shore was eye-catching.


It was getting dark now so we decided to touch the base before sun set.


Returning to marina.


Finally, another pleasant day ended. I have left Jeddah now but I thanks to social media to keep people in contact.

Location & Coordinates

Coordinates of Red Sea Marina : 21.725131, 39.104935

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