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Bahrain National Museum – A Must Visit Place in Bahrain

I have a lot of interest in museums particularly when I am visiting a new country. This gives me insight about the culture, history and development of the region throughout the ages. However my wife is not that much interested in museums, in fact not interested at all, but still she accompany’s me on my every excursion. I really have a good wife :).

Bahrain is linked with Saudi Arabia by King Fahd Causeway. The distance between two countries is barely 25 km.  The people living in Eastern province of Saudi Arabia often go to Bahrain on weekends for recreational purposes. Continue reading Bahrain National Museum – A Must Visit Place in Bahrain

Time off to Bahrain

Last year, I moved to Al-Khobar city of Saudi Arabia. After settling down to my new location, I decided to explore the surroundings. To my luck, Bahrain was just 50 km away from Al-Khobar. One can easily go there on weekends and come back even on same day. Continue reading Time off to Bahrain