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Badshahi Mosque – Pakistan’s Second Largest Mosque

Badshahi Mosque (Emperor’s Mosque), locally called as Badshahi Masjid, constructed by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in 1673AD  is the second largest mosque in Pakistan till date and is one of renowned landmarks in Lahore. The mosque is capable of accommodating around 100,000 worshipers (including main hall and courtyard) ans is a major tourist attraction in the city.  A trip to Lahore would be incomplete without visiting and/or praying at this place. Since it’s a mosque therefore there is no ticket or entry fee. Continue reading Badshahi Mosque – Pakistan’s Second Largest Mosque

Lahore Safari Park

It was around couple of years back when we (me & my family) planned to visit Pakistan’s largest walk-through aviary and a wild life safari including tigers & lions. Lahore Safari Park was just 15 km away from our home. We left before noon and within half an hour, we were at our destination. The entrance fee was not much, just 100 PKR (less than 2 USD) per vehicle. Continue reading Lahore Safari Park