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Rain in Jeddah! Beware

It rarely rains in Saudi Arabia. This is particularly true for Western Region of kingdom where rain is really sparse. However when it rains, specifically heavy rain even for an hour, the region switches to emergency mode. Yea, believe me. Continue reading Rain in Jeddah! Beware

Scitech – A Must Visit Place in Khobar

Scitech –  A Must Visit Place in Khobar

Browsing web for “things to do in XYZ city” are always the first steps for me after relocating to a new city or country. Same was the case when I moved to Al-Khobar last year.  Khobar is a vibrant city in Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia with a mix of multicultural people working in local or multinational companies.

While googling Khobar attractions, the name Scitech immediately caught my eye. Continue reading Scitech – A Must Visit Place in Khobar

Exploring Taif & Al-Shafa Mountains

Taif is one of major tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia mainly due to its pleasant weather in summers and beautiful flora in spring season. It is said that members of royal family also shift from capital Riyadh to Taif during summers.

I would combine my two trips to Taif in this post. It was a hot summer weekend when me and my friends decided to visit Taif. This was my first trip to the place. Taif is around 200 km from Jeddah (almost 2.5 hrs drive) and one can easily manage one day trip. It was not a properly planned trip. Just a bunch of guys decided for an excursion, packed in cars and left for Taif. Continue reading Exploring Taif & Al-Shafa Mountains

Cave Hunting

Al-Hasa is the largest oasis in Saudi Arabia and the must visit place in there is caves of Qara mountains (Jabal e Qara in Arabic). These mountains are made of sediments and are located near Hofuf city.

Since this place was just 150 km away from Al-Khobar city. I made a plan of one day trip with my family to explore the alleys of Qara mountains. We left 8 o’clock in the morning and within couple of hours, we were at the entrance of caves. Continue reading Cave Hunting

A Road Trip Jeddah to Madinah

During my stay in Jeddah, I visited Madinah a number of times. This city, the city of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), has huge significance for Muslims. Though Islam originated from Makkah, however it was Madinah which provided a base to early Muslim community and became their stronghold. It’s the second sacred place for Muslims after Makkah. Continue reading A Road Trip Jeddah to Madinah