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A Road Trip Jeddah to Madinah

During my stay in Jeddah, I visited Madinah a number of times. This city, the city of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), has huge significance for Muslims. Though Islam originated from Makkah, however it was Madinah which provided a base to early Muslim community and became their stronghold. It’s the second sacred place for Muslims after Makkah. Continue reading A Road Trip Jeddah to Madinah

Spiritual Visit to Holy City of Makkah

Visiting Makkah and Madinah, the two most sacred places in Islam, are life time desires for every Muslim.

I feel myself really blessed that I got a chance to live for several years in close proximity of these two cities.

Few years back, I got a job offer from an engineering company based in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  The company was located in Jeddah; the second largest city of kingdom. The fact that Makkah was just at an hour drive (approx. 100 km)  from Jeddah and Continue reading Spiritual Visit to Holy City of Makkah