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Katara Cultural Village – History of Qatar at Once Place

If you are an art or history lover and you are in Doha, you shouldn’t miss Katara Cultural Village. Constructed on reclaimed land, it’s a wonderful place offering models of traditional architecture, theaters, restaurants, souqs (shops), various learning centers and beach.  The etymology of word “Katara” is interesting. In fact, the word “Catara” was the first and most ancient name designated for Qatar Peninsula in geographic and historical maps.  The name “Katara” (instead of Catara) appeared in the geographical and historical maps in early eighteenth century AD. In order to revive Qatar’s ancient name, the idea of constructing Katara Cultural Village was born.

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Museum of Islamic Art – Doha, Qatar

Last year, I visited Qatar with my family. Doha, being the capital of Qatar, has recently undergone huge developments keeping in view the preparations to host FIFA 2022 world cup. While wandering around the capital, one may observe several construction sites as well as road divergences/closures. For a person like me, who completely relies on navigation system, it proved a little bit troublesome. However, I hope, things would be improved by 2022 when all projects would be completed. Continue reading Museum of Islamic Art – Doha, Qatar