Saudi Arabia

Spiritual Visit to Holy City of Makkah (The Most Sacred Place on Earth for Muslims)


Visiting Makkah and Madinah, the two most sacred places in Islam, is one of life time desires for most of Muslims. I feel myself really blessed that I got a chance to live for several years in close proximity of…More


A Road Trip Jeddah to Madinah (The Second Most Sacred Place for Muslims)

madina5During my stay in Jeddah, I visited Madinah a number of times. This city, the city of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), has huge significance for Muslims. Though Islam originated from Makkah, however it was Madinah…More

Exploring Taif & Al-Shafa Mountains

76741_499634841404_3421622_nTaif is one of major tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia mainly due to its pleasant weather in summers and beautiful flora in spring season. It is said that members of royal family also…More

Wadi al Jinn (Genie Valley) in Madinah – Does it Really Exists?

580656_10151455956326405_1151163573_nYou may not have heard the word “Jinn” before. So first thing first, what is a Jinn exactly? The closest synonym which I found is “Genie”, a supernatural creature. Many of you won’t believe…More

Historical Places in Makkah – Part 1

600701_10151451646761405_948105393_nThe history of Makkah dates back to the time of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham, PBUH) who, with the help of his son prophet Ismail (Ishmael PBUH), constructed Kaaba…More

Historical Places in Makkah – Part 2

402924_10151477985841405_1120907015_nHajj is an annual obligatory Islamic pilgrimage that has to be performed by every Muslim (physically & financially capable) at least once in a life time…More

Scitech – A Must Visit Place in Khobar

10177454_10152684290851405_376597995274367686_nBrowsing web for “things to do in XYZ city” are always the first steps for me after relocating to a new city or country. Same was the case when I moved to Al-Khobar last year…More

What’s Written on Black Cover of Kaaba?

2015-05-01 13.14.15Many of you could be familiar with the script written in gold on cover of Kaaba but perhaps, like me, it could be the first time that you would be noticing text on black cover of Kaaba?…More

Fakieh Aquarium – First of its Kind in Saudi Arabia

535646_10151495131376405_736337368_nMost of people consider Saudi Arabia a conservative state with almost negligible opportunities for enjoyment and fun. Yes, it is true to some extent but still…More

Rain in Jeddah! Beware

166547_10150110719456405_8388286_nIt rarely rains in Saudi Arabia. This is particularly true for Western Region of kingdom where rain is really sparse. However when it rains…More

Historical Places in Madinah – Part 1

531607_10151453170471405_1175798165_nAlmost 1400 years ago, Madinah became central power hub for Muslims after forced migration of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from Makkah to this city…More

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