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Boating in Red Sea Obhur Creek – Saudi Arabia

Luckily, while living in Saudi Arabia, we have always found good neighours – most of them Pakistani, Egyptian or Jordanian. Even family terms were developed with some of them which is quite rare in Saudi Arabia (specially locals, they don’t mix with expats). One of our such neighbour was a Jordanian man with her Syrian wife living next to our apartment. We used to visit each other often. It was his wife’s birthday when he invited us all for a lunch and then to a boating trip in Obhur creek, North of Jeddah. Continue reading Boating

Dune Bashing

Dune Bashing in Khobar – Saudi Arabia

Living in a country which is mostly covered with desert and not relishing a sand related sport can’t be justified. Dune Bashing is a popular recreational activity here in Saudi Arabia. There are designated areas at outskirts of cities where quad-bikes rentals are available. These areas also attract locals performing stunts in sand dunes on 4×4  SUVs or driving recklessly in sand. Continue reading Dune Bashing

Cave Hunting

Al-Hasa is the largest oasis in Saudi Arabia and the must visit place in there is caves of Qara mountains (Jabal e Qara in Arabic). These mountains are made of sediments and are located near Hofuf city.

Since this place was just 150 km away from Al-Khobar city. I made a plan of one day trip with my family to explore the alleys of Qara mountains. We left 8 o’clock in the morning and within couple of hours, we were at the entrance of caves. Continue reading Cave Hunting

Jet Skiing Full Throttle

A Stupid Idea

It was a bright sunny weekend of so-called winter season in United Arab Emirates, when I asked my friends : Let’s experience something different today. It was mid of Jan. 2010 and we were having lunch together in a restaurant In Ajman state of UAE. After joking with each other and discussing some stupid ideas, we agreed to even stupider idea; to go for jet skiing. You might be surprised that why it was a foolish idea but you would agree with me by knowing that, at that time, none of us knew swimming. Continue reading Jet Skiing Full Throttle