lahore canal decoration at night

Lahore Canal – Heart of the City

Lahore is a vibrant and lively metropolitan, extensively rich in culture and having long history dating back to earliest human civilizations.  Apart from numerous Lahore’s famous landmarks and monuments, a trip to Lahore wouldn’t be complete without travelling along Lahore Canal, specially on national or religious festivals, when the canal is decorated with flotillas and illuminated with lights. 

Lahore canal is a branch of larger Bambawali Ravi-Bedian (BRB) Canal, starting close to India-Pakistan border up to opposite corner of the city slicing it in two halves. The canal is not deep, average depth is just 5 feet and the total length is around 60 km. The canal, aside from its importance in irrigation purposes, forms the centre of a unique linear park that serves as one of the longest public green belts and popular recreational destination spots.

Although swimming in canal is legally prohibited yet it also serves as a huge swimming pool for the locals during  summers when temperature crosses 40 degree Celsius. Most of the times, officials don’t bother much about canal-swimmers but they can :).

Lahore Canal decoration at night.

decoration of lahore canal

Model of Badshahi Mosque – the famous land mark of Lahore.

flotillas on lahore canal road

Flotilla of Mizar-e-Quaid (Tomb of Founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah). Actual tomb is in Karachi, the largest city of Pakistan.

Mizar e quaid

I will update and complete this post some time later with more and day-time photos . However I hope that the above photos would be sufficient for the glimpse of Lahore canal beauty.

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