tomb of ranjit singh

Tomb of Maharaja Ranjit Singh – Funerary Urns of One Eyed Bout Ruler

Samadhi of Maharaja Ranjit Singh (Tomb of King Ranjit Singh), located adjacent to famous Lahore’s landmark Badshahi Mosque, is a mausoleum containing funerary urns of short time Sikh ruler of Punjab – Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Although he conquered the region by defeating Muslim Mughal emperors however it is said that he never seated on their throne in regard to their legendary reign of few centuries.

Wall of Lahore Fort (left) and Entrance of Samadhi of Ranjit Sigh (right). Unfortunately, only Sikhs and Hindus are allowed to enter in this building. Muslims not allowed :(. I tried to convince the guard to let me in but vain. Literally, they were checking Identity Card of each individual to verify the religion. Too strict. Yea, there are Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan as well. Can you different them in below mix gathering when some are heading to Badshahi Mosque and some to Ranjit Singh Tomb?

Entrance to samadhi of maharaja ranjit singh

Tomb of King Ranjit Singh.

tomb of ranjit singh

I took this photo from Shahi Qila (Lahore Fort). Badshahi Mosque (left) Tomb of Ranjit Singh (right).

samadhi of ranjit singh in lahore pakistan

After his death, according to their religious customs, his wives and slave girls were burnt alive with his corpse. The construction of mausoleum was started by his son Kharak Singh on the spot where he was cremated and was complete by his youngest son Duleep Singh in 1848. As per their traditions, Ranjit Singh’s ashes were put in vase and were placed inside building.

Photo of one-eyed Maharaja Ranjit Singh as displayed in Lahore Fort Museum.

photo of maharaja ranjit singh

The king was keen of keeping horses. His favourite horse, stuffed and showcased at Lahore Fort Museum.

horse of maharaja ranjit singh

Location and Coordinates

Coordinates of Samadhi  of Ranjit Singh: 31.5892811, 74.3111796

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