Drive Along Kingdom’s Eastern Region Beaches

Previously I posted about Drive Along Jeddah Corniche. Now, when I have moved to Khobar in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, drive along Eastern Region beaches was a must. There are three notable beaches in Eastern region namely Khobar corniche, Dammam corniche and Jubail corniche. Although there is one more known as Half Moon Bay but I would consider as  separate one as it’s relatively away from metropolitan.

Khobar Corniche

King Fahd Causeway bridging Khobar (Saudi Arabia) with Bahrain. We can say this is the starting point of Khobar corniche. Around 20km away is Half Moon Bay which should be considered as separate beach area.


Winters are pleasant in this region so festivals take place during this time. Below pic is of Khobar Festival at beach with some food stalls, traditional handicrafts display, live stage shows (Arabic language) and much more.


Khobar Corniche at night.


The good thing about Khobar corniche is that one can find a number of fast-food as well as international cuisine restaurants along the coast. When I first time saw the below building, I was a bit confused as it’s construction was somewhat similar to a mosque but my gut-feeling was that It shouldn’t be a mosque. Later, I came to know that it was an Indian restaurant named Copper Chandni. It’s in my bucket list.


The famous Khobar Water Tower.


BBQ at beach on weekends or fishing is a routine for most of the people in winters.


Dammam Corniche

Khobar, Dammam and Dhahran are called as Triplet Cities as their boundaries are diffused into each other. However Dammam corniche is around 20~25 km away from Khobar corniche. Dammam corniche also includes Marjan Island.

The below pic is of Al-Marjan Island in Dammam. A beautiful place with a marina and a water park. Few months back, it was blood-moon in Saudi Arabia and I was lucky enough to catch it at perfect place with perfect timing.


It’s a floating restaurant on a ship available only for dinner at Marjan Island. Could be a good option in kingdom for newly married couples :).


Jubail Corniche

Jubail has two awesome beaches Al Nakheel beach and Fanateer beach. Both are not far from each other and are somewhat similar with lush green patches and huts at beach.

Al Nakheel beach in Jubail.


One can also observe a variety of birds and seagulls at Fanateer beach.


A shot at Al Nakheel beach.


Although Eastern region beaches have numerous attractions however summer is not a good time to visit corniche. Beach atmosphere becomes extremely humid near month of Aug and one cannot spend more than few minutes on shore. Too hot, humid and sweetening. However winters are best time to spend time on beach in Saudi Arabia.

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