king fahd fountain jeddah

Drive Along Jeddah Corniche

Drive or walk along Jeddah corniche is a must do thing if one is visiting this splendid old city of Saudi Arabia. Jeddah is the second largest city in the kingdom. It has reasonably long coastal strip along red sea and it attracts a huge number of visitors and local residents specially on weekends.

It was one of weekends when I decided to start from one end of the corniche road and drive up to the end with some intermediate stops for photography or relaxing. Below are some of my shots along coast in random order.

Island mosque in Jeddah. Both eastern and western regions of Saudi Arabia are on shore and both having a number of mosque along coast.


Man-made passage for fishing.


Jeddah is adorned with numerous monuments and sculptures. Since as per Islamic rulings figure or idol of a living thing cannot be made, this  has greatly affected monuments in kingdom including Jeddah yet some of them are really master piece.


The famous floating mosque of Jeddah also called as Al Rahma mosque. In fact it’s not floating on water but is at some height above water level standing on concrete columns. 


The good thing about Jeddah corniche is it’s family oriented or family friendly beach. No nudity, vulgarity or harassment. Families enjoy late-night BBQs or gossips.


Al Enani mosque.

al enani mosque

A random shot of sun set.


I have seen Karachi beach of Pakistan which is very aggressive; often huge waves splashing with the bank. On the contrary, red sea is pretty calm. I hardly saw any wave coming to shore. During my four-year stay in Jeddah, below was only one time that I saw some splashing  sea water.


Full moon. There were no howling wolves though : ).


Another trademark of Jeddah corniche, the King Fahd fountain. It is believed to be the tallest fountain in world.


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