boating in al shallal park jeddah

Al Shallal Theme Park – The Best Amusement Park in Jeddah

As I have already mentioned in my previous posts that most of the expats believe that Saudi Arabia is a very conservative Islamic country with negligible or no entertainment opportunities. Yes, it is partially true yet this country offers something for everyone. One just has to dig it out as information is not readily available. My web search for a family fun thing in Jeddah led me to Al Shallal Theme Park. I had been living in Jeddah for more than two years before knowing that this park is somewhere in Jeddah :).

I told my friends about my discovery. We planned to visit the place with families on some weekend hoping that it would be a nice theme park and yea, it didn’t disappoint us. In fact, it was better than our expectations for a park in Saudi Arabia.

As indoor activities it had ice skating ring, arcade games, food court and gift shops.

Outdoors it had a beautiful lake, restaurants with lovely ambiance, gift shops, numerous rides for all ages (some were free for little one) and most importantly no restriction on women taking rides. It could be surprising for some but in Saudi Arabia, specially in capital Riyadh, women can’t take rides in public parks or we can say that it is not encouraged in the society.

A restaurant’s sitting along lake.


A waterfall.




Photo taken while standing on lake bridge.


Building housing ice rink and other indoor activities.


Another restaurant on lake. Roller coaster can bee seen in background.


Sitting in one of restaurants.


A walk in the park.


A random shot.


Another random shot. Can you guess, what is it?


I am in second front row on this roller coaster, guess left one or right one? 


Indoor ice rink. 


As always, time to return home. It was a bit hot when we visited but we all enjoyed it a lot. Since most of the activities are outdoor, the best time to visit this place would be in winters. However you will find a number of visitors in summers as well. Strong recommendation to visit it if you are in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Location & Coordinates

Coordinates of Al Shallal Theme Park : 21.568062, 39.1111084


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