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Scitech – A Must Visit Place in Khobar

Scitech –  A Must Visit Place in Khobar

Browsing web for “things to do in XYZ city” are always the first steps for me after relocating to a new city or country. Same was the case when I moved to Al-Khobar last year.  Khobar is a vibrant city in Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia with a mix of multicultural people working in local or multinational companies.

While googling Khobar attractions, the name Scitech immediately caught my eye. I tried to search for some bloggers experience about it but not much information was available. Anyways, I decided to explore it myself. The Eid al Adha holidays of year 2014 were about to start so I postponed my plan up to then. Later on, I patted myself for that good decision as an exhibition was also underway in Scitech as part of Eid celebrations in addition to routine attractions.

The entrance hall of Scitech. Scitech is officially known as Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Science and Technology Center.


The entrance hall walls were decorated with color paintings.


It was an exciting and educational place to visit with family. The ground floor was dedicated for exhibition.

A craftsman building traditional ship models in exhibition.


A hall on ground floor reflecting Islamic and Saudi Arabian history.


The first floor was divided into six sections, each dedicated to a specialized field like earth and space, human body, beautiful water world, science, technical innovations & oil exploration. The place is full of interactive activities for all ages, kids to adults. I guess a complete day is required to play with all interactive experiments and understanding the displayed information.

Beautiful nature photographs.


Diversity of flora.


A model explaining sun layers and fusion phenomenon happening there.


Planet earth model. It had a recess to show the inner cores of our earth.


Interactive skull models of marine species. One can hear their sounds by pressing buttons on sound equipment seen in below right corner.


Of course, a real turtle.


At first, I thought its a dinosaur but then my wife told me, naaah…its a camel skeleton :). Were there any dinosaurs in Arab region???


Cross section of a bee….yukh.


Human brain…


A complex structure explaining gravity and probability.


After visiting all halls, we went to auditorium where an Eid stage show was going on. We couldn’t enjoy it completely as it was in Arabic but at least my kids enjoyed the magic show.

A magician in action.


Apart from exhibit halls, Scitech also offers IMAX cinema. It’s a dome shape structure and 3D movies with surround sound played on dome’s inside curved walls give viewers a unique experience. There were around a dozen of movies to choose from, each played at interval of half hour. Almost all movies were related to science, fiction or wildlife. Just one problem: all movies were in Arabic language and there were no English subtitles as well. However my kids enjoyed the awesome graphics at least. Photography was not allowed inside IMAX.

Outside view of IMAX cinema (Science Dome).


An outside view of Scitech building.


It was really a great experience for all of us. Kids as well as we, the adults, enjoyed it a lot. It’s definitely a must visit place in Khobar city.

Location & Coordinates

Coordinates of Scitech: 26.319413, 50.228691


10 thoughts on “Scitech – A Must Visit Place in Khobar”

  1. Wow. MashaAllah. Such a vibrant place to be in. Your blog really makes me want to go to places.

    Alhamdulillah you cover places well.

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      1. Umm No. As a revert, I have no mahram yet to travel with to these holy sites. In Shaa Allah, maybe in future. It is one thing I make duaa earnestly. Only if Allah wills one day. 🙂

        Your posts about Makkah touched the soft spot. I had no words after reading them.

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          1. Ameen to all your duaas. Jazakumullahu khair. May Allah bless and reward your entire family always.

            #keep my family and me in duas.

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