bengal tiger in safari park

Lahore Safari Park

It was around couple of years back when we (me & my family) planned to visit Pakistan’s largest walk-through aviary and a wild life safari including tigers & lions. Lahore Safari Park was just 15 km away from our home. We left before noon and within half an hour, we were at our destination. The entrance fee was not much, just 100 PKR (less than 2 USD) per vehicle.

The park management had separated the animals by fencing. At first, we headed towards the Bengal Tiger area. There was long queue of cars, entering the fenced area from one side and leaving from other after following the zig zag track in the fenced area.

A Bengal Tiger walking by a car.


Though we had seen wild animals in zoo but looking at a beast walking close to a car was a unique experience. In fact my mother got terrified, what if this tiger jumped on our car? 🙂

I noticed that animals were not bothering about the moving cars. Perhaps they got used to of it.

A lioness sitting close to car’s track. 


After leaving the fenced area, we parked our cars along the road and went to aviary. Again, there was track to follow. My daughter was delighted to see the birds at such a close distance.

An outside view of aviary.


Peacocks in aviary.


We were feeling hungry now. We  had brought the BBQ equipment with us. My brother did the most of stuff and I was just watching and instructing him . As always, an elder brother :).

Finally we roamed the area. There were rides for kids, a small lake with pedal boats, some caged wild animals and plenty of play grounds where youngsters were playing cricket. Finally, we returned back to home after enjoying the whole day.

Location & Coordinates:

Coordinates of Lahore Safari Park: 31.380894, 74.219077

3 thoughts on “Lahore Safari Park”

  1. I would like to know more about Lahore.If you could then kindly post it. The name “Lahore” really attracts me. Being a Indian its like a dream to explore Pakistan…May Allah fulfills my dream and we just start appreciating each others work and culture…Ameen

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot Farheen. You are welcome any time to visit this fabulous city. I would be visiting my hometown in next couple of months. Then I would write a number on posts about Lahore. You can follow my blog to keep posted. Stay Blessed. 🙂


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